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InstantDental : Dental Emergency Service

Emergency Dentists in Kent

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are located in the back of your mouth and can sometimes become infected or negatively impact the structure of your other teeth so much that they should be extracted.

If you are feeling any pain or pressure towards the back of your mouth, visit our practice for x-rays and a thorough examination. If it is determined that your wisdom teeth are causing the problem and should be extracted, your dentist will walk you through the process and offer sedation methods.

Following a wisdom tooth extraction, there will be a special care regimen you should follow, including a lot of rest, to decrease the risk of infection. For a short amount of time following your procedure, there will be a few limitations regarding particular food and drinks. Your dentist will also provide you with instructions on how to care for the site so you don’t dislodge the blood clot and can quickly heal.

Instant dental is very pleased to have onboard a dentist with special interest in Oral Surgery.  This clinician has carried out further training in the field of teeth removal to offer you a highly skilled experience.

If you believe you require a wisdom tooth extraction, contact Instant Dental
on 01622 291 999 to plan your visit as soon as possible.

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InstantDental : Dental Emergency Service
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