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InstantDental : Dental Emergency Service

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Dental Sedation

Our utmost priority at Instant Dental is ensuring the comfort of all our patients.

That is why we offer nervous or anxious patients sedation heading into their appointment, whether it be just for a cleaning or more involved restoration procedure.

At Instant Dental, we offer the following sedation options:

IV Sedation: a sedative is administered through a constant flow of liquid directly into your veins. After receiving this type of sedation, you will feel like you are sleeping and will remember little to nothing of the treatment.

Conscious Sedation: you will take an oral sedative before heading into your appointment. This sedative will not make you fall asleep but will help you stay extremely relaxed during the entirety of your appointment.

Even if you are not a nervous patient, sedation could potentially be beneficial for you. If you suffer from an overly sensitive gag reflex which usually interferes with dental treatment, sedation helps your muscles relax and not contract during your procedure, helping your dentist carry out their work more quickly and effectively.

The caring team at Instant Dental wishes to help all our patients rid themselves of their dental anxiety. If you have any doubts or worries about going to the dentist, please share them with us leading up to your visit.

Call us on 01622 291 999 to learn more about our anxiety-reducing methods.

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InstantDental : Dental Emergency Service
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