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Dental Bridges

Losing a tooth is much more than a cosmetic issue; it can result in more severe health complications including:
  • Difficulties while eating and speaking
  • Misaligned bite
  • Lower jawbone density and strength
  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

Missing teeth is an issue we take very seriously at Instant Dental, and our dentist can advise if a bridge is suitable. Once a dental bridge has been fitted, you will benefit from a properly positioned bite as well as an easier time eating and speaking.

There are three different kinds of dental bridges we offer at Instant Dental: adhesive or resin retained, conventional and implant retained. Your dentist will advise you which style of bridge is the best suited for your situation and current mouth structure.

Adhesive or resin retained bridges are attached with a strong dental glue to the back of adjacent teeth.  They are great as a temporary measure or during healing after teeth removal. They are fixed in place by the dental glue but they can come “unstuck” so avoid eating anything strong or chewey.

Conventional bridges require tooth preparation to adjacent teeth to create beautiful bridges that function fixed in place.

Dental implant retained bridges are secured on dental implants either to replace 1 or several missing teeth.  These are cemented in place or screwed in place.  These are the closest to nature we have today. Dental bridges are created individually for each patient to match their needs and blend in seamlessly with their natural smile. If you believe you would make a good candidate for a dental bridge give us a call on 01622 291 999.

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InstantDental : Dental Emergency Service
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